City of Lancaster

City of Lancaster
P.O. Box 940
Lancaster, TX 75146-0940

The City of Lancaster is a Home Rule City that provides 24 hour police and fire protection, park and recreational facilities, neighborhood services/code compliance, public street maintenance, animal control, emergency management and communication services.

Lancaster holds a unique identity that sets our vibrant city apart from others in the Metroplex. Residents and visitors enjoy museums such as the Cold War Air, Commemorative Airforce, and State Auxiliary museums. The community boasts an active lifestyle with a regionally acclaimed indoor aquatic center, wilderness hiking trails, world class golf course, and a dog park.

Lancaster is located 15 minutes from downtown Dallas. It is the only community adjacent to Dallas that still offers a pristine rural setting. The city is the most strategic transportation hub in the region – and possibly in Texas. The Lancaster Regional Airport has a 6,500 foot runway (future expansion to 8,000 feet), freight rail services are available and the community is bordered by IH-20, IH-35, the future Loop 9, and only a few miles away from IH-45. Lancaster is rapidly expanding and developers are investing at a record setting pace.

The Historic Town Square landmarks a city settled during the Republic of Texas years. It features several restaurants, a candy shop, and a bicycle shop. The district echoes historic figures who walked the streets downtown. You can imagine Pat Garret holding hands and walking the sidewalks with the young lady he was trying to win over; the nervousness of Clyde Barrow before he robbed his first bank while Bonnie waited for him in a get-a-way car just a mile away; James Younger sharing stories with his sister about his adventures with Frank and Jesse James; “Spanky” McFarland sharing his excitement about his new downtown business with the rest of the Little Rascals when they visited; and Dizzy Dean bragging about his 1934 World Series win.

This trendsetting community promotes diversity and engagement, valuing services as an intricate part of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Our citizens enjoy the pleasure of convenient living, quality schools, attractive corridors and strikingly impressive facilities. We welcome you to the city of Lancaster.