Everything You Need to Know About North Texas

The North Texas Profile is an annual report created by the North Texas Commission to educate readers on our region. With data and statistics filling the pages, the North Texas Profile provides the necessary information to paint a portrait of our region’s flourishing economy, growing workforce, diversified major industries and friendly business climate.

Just a few facts from the 2018 Profile

•  If North Texas were a country, it would be 23nd in GDP between Sweden and Poland
•  North Texas ranks among the top 3 U.S. metro areas for business expansion, relocations, and employment growth.
•  The region’s labor force is 3.9 million strong, the fourth largest in the nation.
•  The North Texas population is expected to be just shy of 17 million by 2050.
•  8,041 North Texas companies export products and services.

Click to check out the 2019 North Texas Profile.