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NTX Magazine Vol. 6 is now on the shelves of the American Airlines Admiral’s Clubs at DFW International Airport.NTX 6 AA

Pick up a copy of the issue that examines North Texas as a relocation destination and learn why people are moving to North Texas from across the U.S. and around the globe. In addition, read about how this has grown our international sports teams, the impact to higher education institutions and how our leaders are preparing for the next 1 million new North Texans.

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A Team for Everyone in North Texas

While the Stars, Cowboys, Mavericks and Rangers make headlines across the nation when it comes to North Texas sports, favorite pastimes from across the globe are becoming more and more popular.

Rugby, which is similar to American football, has grown to encompass roughly 40 teams in North Texas, says Phil Camm, managing director of Griffins Rugby, an Allen based team.
A high contact, quick sport, rugby offers an opportunity for children and adults alike to network, exercise and work on teambuilding skills. Members in adult leagues range from police officers to IT professionals, all of whom want to be part of the community that rugby creates.

The Griffins, along with other teams, work to leverage networking with charitable organizations, including the One2Fifteen Adam Peak Foundation, in association with the One to Fifteen Foundation from the U.K. This organization helps veterans play rugby at no cost, assisting in their reintegration into civilian life.

“What rugby does is allow access to a community of people. The thing we hear from these veterans is that it’s changed their life,” says Camm.

To learn more about rugby and other sports making a splash in North Texas, check out NTX Magazine Volume 6 here.

Two-Wheel Your Way to Work

Active transportation can be hard to come by, especially in a metropolitan area as spread out as North Texas. But with the regional Veloweb, a 400-mile bike trail system being developed across the region, that could soon change.

“As the North Texas regions grow,” says Dr. Shima Hamidi, assistant professor of Urban Planning and director of the Institute of Urban Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington, “It is critical for communities to provide functional and accessible transportation alternatives. Bike facilities offer the choice of healthy and active transportation that produces no emissions and reduces automobile congestion. Further, integrating the on-street bike facilities with the off-street trail network and the regional Veloweb offers opportunity for connecting families to schools, shopping and recreation, employees to a means of low-cost and healthy commuting, and everyone to a region-wide, 1,728-mile ‘interstate’ bike network.”

Hamidi has been working with the North Central Texas Council of Governments as part of the ongoing University Partnership Program to develop the Grand Prairie Bike Plan, designed to provide the city with a map identifying locations to implement a system of on-street bicycle facilities. These will connect with the Veloweb and Grand Prairie’s off-street bike trails.

  • To learn more about the Veloweb and other innovations in transportation across North Texas, read the latest issue of NTX Magazine here.

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Leadership North Texas Graduates Class 7

The nine-month journey through Leadership North Texas closed for members of Class 7 on Friday. Their final program day, held at the NAS Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, focused on leadership, connections and reflection, and, of course, celebration of the accomplishments they made together as a class.

“Leadership North Texas creates a region of unity and strength by connecting leaders and influencers from numerous counties.  Each month one program builds upon the other to create a foundation to foster education and opportunities that can be implemented to enhance your personal and professional endeavors,” said Hon. Nancy Yingling, Coppell City Councilmember. “I was fortunate enough to be afforded the opportunity to participate in LNT Class 7.  It has open doors for me professionally and personally that are immeasurable.  Relationships were forged that will carry on for years to come.  A true leader will see the incredible value and thrive in this program!”

TD Smyers, LNT Alumni Chairman and member of LNT Class 5, led a panel on leadership featuring Capt. Lance Bach, Commander, Navy Region Southeast RCC Fort Worth; Hon. Gyna Bivens, Fort Worth City Councilmember; and Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Fort Worth Symphony Music Director. The panel discussed the various challenges and opportunities facing all leaders – whether they are leading an orchestra, a military base or a community.

Before the graduation ceremony, the class toured the Joint Reserve Base, including a tour of the air traffic control tower and the base’s armory.

The class of 32 leaders from throughout the region spent nine months learning best practices in regional stewardship, with discussion including education and workforce, regionalism, the North Texas economy, the impact on incarceration, sustainable development, healthcare and transportation. This year’s class featured one of the highest ratio of elected officials with 1 in 5 participants holding an elected office.

Members of the graduating class include:

The graduates of Leadership North Texas Class 7 are the following:

  • Devan Allen
  • Maranda Auzenne, Trademark Property
  • Peter Barwinkel, DFW Airport
  • Debby Bobbitt, City of Rowlett
  • Aaron Bujnowski, Texas Health Resources
  • Mario Canizares, City of Coppell
  • Sherry Carter, DFW Airport
  • Glenn Clingenpeel, Trinity River Authority of Texas
  • Tammy Dana-Bashian, City of Rowlett
  • John Dewar, Freese and Nichols
  • Scott Dunn, City of Richardson
  • Ashley Frosell, CRB
  • Bob Golden, City of Haslet
  • Jaime Grassi, Slalom Consulting
  • Matt Hilton, Step Up Realty
  • Libby Holtmann, City of Plano
  • Scott Johnson, City of Frisco
  • Jamee Jolly, Plano Chamber of Commerce
  • Katie Koberg, World Class Automotive Organization
  • Erin LaPointe, TXU Energy
  • Val Martinez, American Red Cross
  • Carrolyn Moebius, Plano ISD Board of Trustees
  • Cheryl Orr, Dallas Area Rapid Transit
  • Jim Parrish, City of Plano
  • Edward Renteria, Jr., Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  • Angela Ross, AT&T
  • Crystal Scanio, Irving Schools Foundation
  • Monica Shortino, Capital One
  • Wes Speed, Oncor
  • Brandon Steinmann, World Ventures
  • Duncan Webb IV, Collin County Commissioners Court
  • Nancy Yingling, City of Coppell


Theme Announced for NTX Vol. 7

Did you know that the present mobile phones have more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing? What does this mean to the quality of life of North Texans, and the rapidly-changing business environment?

These are just some of the questions put forth by the NTX Magazine Editorial Board while brainstorming Vol. 7. The theme for the next issue focuses on North Texas as the crossroads of the Internet of Things. Software is developed on the west coast and hardware is manufactured on the east coast. The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as the network of physical objects (for example, a car with Wi-Fi) embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that allows these objects to collect and exchange data.

Our communities are embracing IoT. From data centers to smart hospitals, from water resource management to traffic flow, North Texas is on the leading edge of technology. NTX Magazine, Volume 7will illustrate how smart technology and intelligent connectivity enhances the overall quality of life for all North Texan’s.

Editorial content development is underway, and the advertising sales are open. Media kits are available here, or if you have questions please reach out to Marcy Sherman at marcellette@ntc-dfw.org.

NTX Magazine is the only business-to-business publication representing the North Texas region; providing relevant facts, data, editorial content, maps and contact information designed to assist corporations interested in relocation, expansion and conducting business in North Texas.

Meet our Municipality | McKinney

This new feature aims to share the stories of the municipalities across the North Texas region. If you’d like to be included in the Meet our Municipalities blog, please email Kimberly Walton at kimberly@ntc-dfw.org for more information.

The Collin County city of McKinney was established in 1848 and incorporated a year late in 1849. McKinney has been one of the fastest growing cities in our region for several years and is home to 162,000 people.

Thank You NTC Members – April

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Sweet Smell of Success

North Texas is a hub of entrepreneurial success, and from that hotbed has risen, arguably, one of the most innovative products in the last decade.

Poo-Pourri, an Addison-based company, sold more than 4 million bottles of its bathroom-odor-neutralizing product in its first six years without much advertising. In 2013, that changed when a viral video called “Girls Don’t Poop” boosted the company’s attention while discussing a topic that had previously made people uncomfortable.

“‘Girls Don’t Poop’ caught people off-guard and that’s why it was so innovative,” said Nicole Story, vice president of ‘Poo Creative’. “I would love to think that we’re the reason people broke that barrier and began talking about it.”

Suzy Batiz, company founder and an expert in essential oils, created the formula, which is sprayed on the surface of toilet water before using the restroom.

Poo-Pourri has continued to expand its line of offerings, even as it increased distribution. Today, the line includes “Call of the Wild” which has a grapefruit scent. There’s also Crap Shooter (Cassis, Citrus Peel and Fir); Daisy Doo (Spring Flowers); the ever-popular Deja Poo (“You’ve been there before but now with a scent you adore!”); Royal Flush (“A great bathroom scent for distinguished gents”); and even Shoe-Pourri, a mix of cedarwood, eucalyptus and grapefruit; among many others.

  • To read the full story on Poo-Pourri, read the latest issue of NTX Magazine here.

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North Texas Students at the Top of their Class


Where can you find students that are college and career ready? Where will you find students with hands-on training in their chosen careers? In Career and Technical Education, or CTE, programs across North Texas.

CTE programs, which represent more than 79 career pathways from health science to hospitality, have grown tremendously in the last few years, especially with recent changes to education legislature. Students across North Texas and across the country are seeing the benefits to finding their paths earlier and earlier in their education.

Right here in North Texas, many schools offer a large number of the 79 career pathways recognized by the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEC). These students learn trades, get real world skills and even participate in professional groups known as Career Technical Student Organizations, or CTSO’s, such as SkillsUSA, DECA, Business Professionals of America and FFA, where they compete in their field for local, area and even international titles.

Currently more than 12.5 million high school students are enrolled in CTE courses across the nation, creating a generation that’s college and career ready. While many believe these pathways are meant to prepare students for jobs straight out of high school with no thought of secondary education, three out of four students enrolled in CTE programs continue on to college.

  • To learn more about the great things happening in CTE programs in North Texas, check out the latest issue of NTX Magazine here.

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