NTX Magazine Vol. 4 Features BNSF


Photo credit: BNSF

When you think of railroads, the first thing that pops into your mind isn’t often modern times. Maybe you think of cattle being hauled across country. Perhaps it’s that scene in Back to the Future III when Marty and Doc hopped off a speeding train and into the DeLorean. But when BNSF, a Fort Worth-based corporation, comes to mind, do you think of the gas in your car, the clothes on your back and the food on your table?

You should. That’s what BNSF provides, and since their inception in the late 1800’s, BNSF has been revolutionizing the railroad industry and now carries more than 40 percent of U.S. freight by volume.

Today, BNSF invests billions of dollars in capital into the economy, and is a leader in the implementation of positive train control, or “PTC,” which leads to fewer accidents on railways. They hold 17 percent of their workforce in veterans, have networks in 28 states, and during America’s busiest shipping time, the holiday season, they have 50 million packages arrive on time. While other companies struggled in a recovering economy, BNSF saw demand for a more cost effective alternative with higher volume shipping, and the company has flourished as the country recovers its buying power.

To read more about BNSF in our feature article, check out NTX Magazine Volume 4.

Meet our Members: Michelle Miller, Verizon Wireless


Michelle Miller, President, Central Texas Region, Verizon Wireless

Michelle R. Miller is president of the Central Texas Region for Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless company in the United States. She is responsible for directing sales, marketing, operations and financial performance within the region. Verizon Wireless, a premier technology company, also operates the nation’s largest 4G LTE network. Learn more about the priorities for Verizon Wireless, why North Texas is good for her company’s business and the best advice she’s ever received.

Meet our Members: Dan Harbeke


 Dan Harbeke, Director of Public Affairs, Union Pacific Railroad

Dan Harbeke joins the North Texas Commission Board of Directors representing Union Pacific Railroad. Dan serves as the Director of Public Affairs for Union Pacific and has direct responsibility for community relations, government affairs and philanthropic giving. Learn more about Dan through his bio below.

Meet our Members: Mayor Matthew Marchant

Mayor Marchant

Mayor Matthew Marchant, City of Carrollton

As a part of our Meet Our Members series, the North Texas Commission would like to introduce the Mayor of Carrollton, Matthew Marchant. Matthew also serves on the Board of Directors for the NTC and practices law as a partner at Strasburger & Price, LLP.


Meet our Members: Mayor Karen Hunt

Karen Hunt pic 4 10

Mayor Karen Hunt, City of Coppell

The North Texas Commission is excited to welcome Coppell Mayor Karen Hunt to the Board of Directors. Karen is a graduate of Leadership North Texas Class 3 and is the Chairman of the Project North Texas Regional Asset Map Community of Practice. Read Karen’s bio below. (more…)

Meet Our Members: Neha Kunte


Neha Kunte

 Neha Kunte, Founder, President & CEO, MNK Infotech Inc.

Today’s Meet our Member blog features Neha Kunte, CEO and owner of MNK Infotech, a multi-award winning, full service consulting firm specializing in IT staffing solutions, e-learning and software development. Neha holds a degree in financial accounting from University of Mumbai, India and a degree in classical Indian dance. She is also fluent in Japanese. Most recently, Neha graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10K small business program.  (more…)

Meet Our Members: Dr. Neal Smatresk

Neal Smatresk


Dr. Neal Smatresk, President, UNT

Today, we speak with Dr. Neal Smatresk, President of the University of North Texas System. Dr. Smatresk became President of UNT February 2014, which is a sort of homecoming after his time as President of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This move was no gamble, he understands that our region is home to some of the best and brightest.


Meet Our Members: Chris Felan

Chris Felan

 Chris Felan, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

For today’s Meet our Members, we speak with Chris Felan, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs for Atmos, who shares his thoughts on why North Texas continues its strong growth, what he sees as exciting opportunities for our region and what’s on the horizon for Atmos during the Legislative Session. (more…)

Meet Our Members: Frank Bliss

Frank Bliss

Frank Bliss, President, Cooper & Stebbins

As the developer of Southlake Town Square, Frank Bliss understands how quality of life can grow a community. In today’s Meet our Members, we discuss with Frank growth, diversity and what issues are important for the success of our region. (more…)

Meet Our Members: Allison Thompson


Allison Thompson, Director of Economic Development, Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation

Today’s Meet our Members with Allison Thompson takes a look at the quality of life attributes, talent and business climate in North Texas.