NTX Magazine Vol. 4 Features BNSF


Photo credit: BNSF

When you think of railroads, the first thing that pops into your mind isn’t often modern times. Maybe you think of cattle being hauled across country. Perhaps it’s that scene in Back to the Future III when Marty and Doc hopped off a speeding train and into the DeLorean. But when BNSF, a Fort Worth-based corporation, comes to mind, do you think of the gas in your car, the clothes on your back and the food on your table?

You should. That’s what BNSF provides, and since their inception in the late 1800’s, BNSF has been revolutionizing the railroad industry and now carries more than 40 percent of U.S. freight by volume.

Today, BNSF invests billions of dollars in capital into the economy, and is a leader in the implementation of positive train control, or “PTC,” which leads to fewer accidents on railways. They hold 17 percent of their workforce in veterans, have networks in 28 states, and during America’s busiest shipping time, the holiday season, they have 50 million packages arrive on time. While other companies struggled in a recovering economy, BNSF saw demand for a more cost effective alternative with higher volume shipping, and the company has flourished as the country recovers its buying power.

To read more about BNSF in our feature article, check out NTX Magazine Volume 4.

NTC Startup Report Issue 3 – Mad Scientist!

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Emerging technologies require inventive minds that can rethink entire systems. Entrepreneurs are that right mix of technical savvy, opportunistic business people and mad scientist. They imagine where the world could go if only it had the right tools. They believe in things like spaceflight for the masses and effortless security. This issue of the Startup Report is bringing you a few of these mad scientists. Dreamers, with ambitions to rethink some of our biggest ideas and they’re all located in North Texas.

North Texas has a robust and exciting entrepreneurial landscape and here at the North Texas Commission we’d like to bring this to you. Each company featured here represents a new approach or way of thinking. If you would like any additional information please contact Taylor Schrang at taylor@ntc-dfw.org.

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Latern Pharma logoLantern Pharma

Latern Pharma picture
The big “C”. Most people will have cancer touch their lives in some way. Either directly or through a loved one’s experience with the disease. Lantern Pharma is trying to rethink the way to treat cancer, by personalizing medicine programs for cancer patients. They are pioneering precision drug treatment by using biomarker based genetic screenings to show doctors what treatments patients are most likely to respond to. This technology can be critical to treating particularly drug resistant forms of the disease. To learn more visit their website: www.lanternpharma.com


Kubos image
The 21st century space race is not going to be lead by NASA, but by entrepreneurs and private companies. Based in Denton, Kubos is designing open source software to accelerate the new space race. As more companies enter the “space” space, Kubos can cut development time by equipping companies with a software platform for nano-satellites so companies don’t have to develop in-house software for each new venture, standardizing the industry and reducing R&D costs. You can check them out at www.kubos.co or contact them at marshall@kubos.co


Exos image
Commercial space flight may not be the final frontier, but it is certainly the next one. With our second space services company on the list, Exos, we can begin to see just how quickly this important industry is expanding. Exos also offers commercial space solutions to companies that need to expedite the development process of a space project. Rather than spend millions of dollars to get a chance at getting your experiment on the international space station, Exos will send up your project in one of their rockets and be able to send back results in real time. To learn more visit www.exosaero.com

Brainspace logo_clearBrainspace

Brainspace IMAGE
Search engines have been always built on the concept of keywords. Search snakes, and you’ll find anything and everything pertaining to snakes. YouTube videos of snake bites, academic articles on new snake species, symbolism of snakes in history, all can be results. While those ideas may share a keyword, they don’t really share any similar concepts. Brainspace is re-thinking search by providing results based on knowledge concepts. This new seach approach will help the user discover new and related content. This platform doesn’t just apply to Internet search, but can be used for enterprise applications too. Learn more at www.brainspace.com

nexiden logoNexiden

nexiden image 2
Cyber security is an increasing concern. Specifically, usernames and passwords are not only a security weakness, they are hated by end users because they are hard to remember and keep up with. Nexiden is bringing a suite of multifactor authentication and authorization solutions to market that are more secure than competing solutions while being easy to use and implement. With Nexiden’s patent-pending technology the world can completely get rid of user-names and passwords while at the same time increase online security and privacy. Learn more at www.nexiden.com.

Previous NTX Startup Reports

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NTX Startup Report – Healthcare

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Accounting for 15 percent of the North Texas economy, healthcare plays a significant regional role. It only makes sense that some of the most exciting healthcare startups are popping up in North Texas. The region boasts amazing resources for health startups. Health Wildcatters is an accelerator dedicated to early-stage health companies, and Zs Pharma, the first Biotech IPO in the region in the decade, is a product of the Tech FW program.

North Texas has a robust and exciting entrepreneurial landscape and here at the North Texas Commission we’d like to bring this to you. Each company showcased here represents a new approach or way of thinking. If you would like any additional information please contact Taylor Schrang at taylor@ntc-dfw.org.

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mvt-icon-darkMy Vision Track

Physician Portal mVT Alert-20150114012117
Losing one’s vision is a frightening thought. While regular eye exams are important to eye health, a once yearly appointment can sometimes be too infrequent. My Vision Track is the first FDA cleared ophthalmic app for home vision monitoring. Patients who have progressive vision loss or have a family history of the condition can monitor their vision on a regular basis from home and have results reported back to their doctor. This advancement allows doctors to pay much closer attention to the progression of a patients condition. A Richardson-based company, you can learn more at www.myvisiontrack.com.

safenight logo clear SafeNight

safenight app image
It’s sad but one of the major health risks women face is domestic violence. Women go to shelters for a safe option in a crisis, however these organizations can fill up and have to turn women away. Now you can help make sure every woman has a place to stay when she needs it with the Safe Night app. When a shelter can’t accommodate a woman, you’ll receive a notice, and an option to pay for a hotel stay that night for that woman. This social enterprise is utilizing technology to make sure that all people in crisis have a place to stay. Learn more at www.safenightapp.org.


Encore vision logo clearEncore Vision

encore vision image 3
As part of the natural aging process nearly everyone begins to lose their ability to see up close. It is common to see people holding books or menus at arm’s length, or reaching for a pair of reading glasses. Encore Vision has now developed an alternative to reading glasses in the treatment of presbyopia or “aging eyes.” An eye drop that you give yourself treats this mild vision impairment and is the first real alternative to reading glasses. Encore Vision just filed an initial new drug application with the FDA and hopes to start testing this summer. If you’d like more information please contact IR@ encorevisioninc.com or visit www.encorevisioninc.com..

cariloop logoCariloop

Cariloop image
Every day, thousands of people have to face that their aging loved one’s needs are changing. Suddenly they face questions surrounding senior care never previously thought about. The process of deciding the best option can take months to figure out. Cariloop’s program allows people to plan for and manage their older loved ones’ healthcare needs from start to finish. Cariloop offers concierge services and management tools that can help families save time and money. For more information see www.cariloop.com.

inrfood logo blackINRFood

These days nearly everyone has their own special dietary guidelines or restrictions. Whether a person has celiac disease, food allergy or religious restrictions, it seems there is even more reasons to be reading ingredient lists to figure out exactly what is being eaten. INRFood is a mobile app boasting the largest database of food ingredients. Users can simply scan packaged foods to be alerted to ingredients to avoid based on the user’s profile. Helping users avoid potential allergic reactions, or breaking their diet. INRFood has gained real traction and recently raised $250,000 in capital. To learn more visit www.inrfood.com.

Webinar Recap: The Startup Ecosystem


On April Fools Day, the NTC eschewed practical jokes for a practical discussion on the North Texas startup ecosystem. The Topic: North Texas webinar series presented by Verizon was joined by Trey Bowles of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center to get the big picture on startups and how they interact with the economy.

The Startup Ecosystem

Having a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is good for the strength of an economy. It promotes innovation, builds jobs, and is fancy. But, this ecosystem isn’t exclusive to the tech geeks, coders and entrepreneurs, it’s something that all organizations and stakeholders can and should play a role in.

Just some of the examples discussed:

Cities can help support co-working spaces and integrate entrepreneur support into their economic development plan.

Businesses can support workers who want to try and start their own businesses knowing that an employee that has experience leading a company is going to be a better employee.

Businesses can help give affordable services to entrepreneurs to build early relationships with emerging companies.

Schools can support entrepreneurs by providing the education and connections and research needed to make a biz successful.

Media can try to highlight these companies.

About The DEC

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (The DEC) serves entrepreneurs in the Dallas area, providing a location where they can receive training, education, mentorship, promotion and access to capital in order to encourage and equip the entrepreneurial community to start, build and grow their businesses. Facilitating a culture of entrepreneurship and giving before you get the DEC connects new and old entrepreneurs with a vibrant, collaborative environment. For more information on the DEC, CLICK HERE.

About Trey Bowles

In June 2013, Trey launched the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (the DEC), a central location for entrepreneurs to learn how to start, build and grow businesses through training, education, mentorship, promotion and capital investment. As Co-Founder and CEO, Trey leads strategy, vision and drives the overall planning and development efforts for the DEC. Trey serves as the Chair of Startup America: Texas Region and as an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at SMU.


For the full details from the webinar, watch the presentation or view the slides below.


North Texas Startup Report

NTX Startup Report Logo-04

Welcome to the first North Texas Commission Monthly Startup Report. This report is aimed at being an easy way for you to learn about and connect with emerging companies in North Texas. Each generation produces a new class of entrepreneurs and future leaders of our industries, communities and region. Crucial to developing the much coveted Unicorns of the startup world is making sure there is a healthy ecosystem for forward thinking ideas to thrive. So we must continually connect with these new innovators in order to learn trends, new ideas and create new opportunities for our region and our businesses.

North Texas has a robust and exciting entrepreneurial landscape and here at the North Texas Commission we’d like to bring this to you. Each month this report will give a brief overview of organizations we think you should know about. Each young organization will represent a new way of thinking or bring you a new solution.

If you would like any additional information please contact Taylor Schrang at taylor@ntc-dfw.org.

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 Calamity Gym LogoCalamity Gym

Improve your strength and your Karma. We all know that working out is good for us. Now it can be good for others. Calamity Gym is an exercise app that donates 25 percent of all profits to charity. They partner with over 50 charities so your workouts can go to the causes you love. This month’s featured charity is Children’s Health.

Calamity Gym also offers corporate services to help companies better serve employees and the community. Recruit Talent, keep your workforce healthy, while also supporting a worthy cause.




Foremost logo

Foremost picture

From the creators of the magazine-catalog hybrid, NEED, Foremost delivers the exclusivity, narrative and quality of the world’s luxury brands at unprecedented prices and with exceptional focus upon our process. Each month, Foremost releases a limited-edition collection of clothing — three-to-five items per gender — alongside an interview series with some of the world’s most prominent, interesting and creative personalities.





Kinskii picture

Families separated by distance need a better way to create meaningful memories when they interact online. Kinskii utilizes ‘gamified’ video chat experiences which enable young ones to stay engaged by playing games with their relatives embedded in the video chat experience. This will allow parents and family members to actually play with children even if they can’t be with them, such as military families that can now have activities to share. This company is in pre-launch, but you can sign up for more information on their website.




Virtual-Visit-Horizontal-1-no white

virtual visit

Virtual Visit helps nursing home providers communicate better and more securely with the families of their residents and provides a HIPPA compliant way for families to stay connected with their loved ones in full-time care facilities. Families can get regular updates from providers and coordinate family visits in a way that saves time and improves care. Facilities can provide care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values and ensures that patient values guide all care decisions. Contact and communication are central to meeting the resident’s social and emotional needs.




Draw Attention


With a world revolving around tech, often people catch themselves without pen and paper. Maybe a date needs to be written down, a discussion leads a brainstorm or someone just wants to doodle. Draw Attention has capitalized on the tech-heavy consumer market by creating white board stickers for laptops. Pop one of these stickers on a laptop lid (or anywhere, for that matter), and the space transforms into a blank canvas for any possible purpose: a billboard, a white board, a scratch pad and an invitation. It’s the perfect solution.