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  • NTX Magazine Volume 8 will focus on North Texas’ global reach and influence. From global brands expanding or relocating to the region to innovative advances made here, North Texas is quickly becoming the new American melting pot.

    Some of the topics to be explored for this issue include medical advances/procedures, global collaboration, the reach of DFW International Airport, the role our higher education institutions in global awareness and the impact and influence of our dynamic arts and culture offerings.

NTX Volume 7 Now Available

North Texas sits at the crossroads of the Internet of Things. Software is developed on the west coast and hardware is manufactured on the east coast. The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as the network of physical objects (for example, a car with Wi-Fi) embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that allows these objects to collect and exchange data.

Our communities are embracing IoT. From data centers to smart hospitals, from water resource management to traffic flow, North Texas is on the leading edge of technology. NTX Magazine, Volume 7 illustrates how smart technology and intelligent connectivity enhances the overall quality of life for all North Texans.

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About NTX Magazine

NTX Magazine is the only business-to-business publication representing the North Texas region; providing relevant facts, data, editorial content, maps and contact information designed to assist corporations interested in relocation, expansion and conducting business in North Texas.

With a print distribution of 20,000, this publication reaches C-Level executives domestically and internationally who may be considering expansion or relocation into this market. Additional complimentary distribution includes the American Airlines’ Admirals Clubs in DFW International Airport, Fortune 1000 CEO’s nationally and locally, industry leaders and executives in a wide cross section of business and industries, the economic development and site selection communities locally and nationally as well as business leaders in key overseas markets.

For questions about NTX Magazine, please contact Dawn Miller at (972) 621-0400 or dawn@ntc-dfw.org.

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    Industry spotlights include: housing, education and workforce, healthcare, aviation and transportation, technology.

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