The North Texas Commission’s Annual Report

The North Texas Commission defines their work by the guidance of three pillars. They MARKET North Texas internationally and domestically, ADVOCATE on critical issues that have no city or county boundary and COLLABORATE with leaders on regional goals and initiatives. As an association-based non-profit, it is very important to the NTC to express appreciation and gratitude toward our members. And, just one way for the NTC to provide fulfillment to each of our members is to give then the opportunity to see how every dollar goes back into North Texas and the planning for the future. The NTC Annual Report provides high-level summaries of each event and program the NTC executed and its regional impact.

2016: A Year in Review

The 45th Year of the NTC

This report provides a crisp, visual and detailed account of the programs of the 45-year-old organization. With a letter from Immediate Past Chairman Robert Hastings, the annual report communicates the value of the connections made from involvement with the North Texas Commission. Through our network of members, the North Texas Commission advocates for issues with no city or county boundaries, such as clean air, long-term water funding and supporting our state’s businesses. Our members guide the international and domestic marketing efforts through our annual NTX Magazine. And, our members come together for solutions through programs such as Project North Texas, Leadership North Texas and Leadership North Texas University.